100 Marina Drive, Quincy, MA

I received a call from a woman named Ann who said she was living in Germany and had found us online while searching for homes in Quincy.  At 1st I was a bit skeptical and thought it was one of those online scams but soon realized that it was not that.  Our problem was that once she arrived in the country, we needed to find AND close on a new home in 17 days. So, over two days’ time we went out and saw close to 25 Condos and then narrowed the search to two.  After another two days of tough negotiations Ann finally had the place she wanted and we closed the deal 10 days later….with 3 days to spare.  A big Thank You to Broderick and Lewis for getting all of the legal work done so quickly, it really helped us to get the deal closed on time.  The Bird Dog 30% Buyer’s rebate on this property came to $2691.75 which helped Ann buy all new kitchen countertops…..and then some!  Whether it is someone who lives nearby or overseas, Bird Dog Real Estate is here to help with all of their needs.  Please keep spreading the word and Thank you.


One of the main things this buyer did not like about her new condo was the setup of the kitchen. The BDRE buyers rebate allowed her to replace the outdated Corian countertops with some beautiful new Granite!  Brand new Granite counter tops and a new paint color really make this kitchen shine.  Some small changes can really add some value to your home.  Most BDRE Buyer’s use their rebate to add value back to new homes which we just love.  What is your broker doing for you?  Besides cashing a bigger check?


Not a bad kitchen setup but it could be improved upon.














Updated kitchen after upgrading countertops and more

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