135 Crescent Street – Quincy:

At Bird Dog Real Estate we use the slogan that “We don’t care if it takes seeing one home or 100 homes as long as we help you find the right home at the right price”.   While in this case we exceeded that by a few hundred homes most likely.  We started the home search in late October 2011 in Weymouth and finally closed on this great unit in November 2013.  At the closing table as the Seller’s attorney passed the Buyer’s Broker check over to me he joked that that was easy money to make and my buyer jumped in and said how many homes do you think Jim showed me before we found this one?  He said “what like ten homes” before finding this one and when she said try closer to 500 homes.  His mouth dropped open and said “no way” I said I don’t count the homes I just keep going until my Buyers are happy, but if she said 500 homes she will know.  Our Job is to make our Buyer’s happy no matter how many homes we need to tour, sometimes it is one sometimes it is more.  We had a home under contract in this process that the home inspection showed some hidden defects and we moved on.  We had a couple of homes that we lost out on, but at the end we found the right place and my Buyer is quite happy with how everything went, and that is all that matters to us at Bird Dog Real Estate.

Home purchase in Quincy

The Home we ended up landing was the last Town home available in this project that used to be the Saint Mary’s convent in West Quincy right near Mary Lou’s.  A great corner 3 bedroom two full bath town home in a real nicely built complex.  Bird Dog Real Estate’s 30% Buyer’s rebate on this home came in at $2232.00 another nice little perk at the end of a long search for all of our Buyer Clients.  Congratulations on a great home purchase Danielle.

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