38-40 Colby Road in Quincy – 2 family home Sold for $605,000:


38-40 Colby Road in Quincy – 2 family home Sold for $605,000:  Seller saved an additional $9,075.00 with Bird Dog’s lowest around 3.50% selling rates.

Bird Dog Real Estate selling rate of 3.50% was able to SAVE the Seller $9,075.00 from the 5% rate two other Brokers were looking to charge her to sell her home.

Why pay higher Rates to sell your home in this market?  Keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Go with Bird Dog’s 3.50% selling rates and SAVE!!!!!!! Seller is extremely happy she saved $9075.00 instead of giving it to the other Broker’s.  Before you list your home call Bird Dog Real Estate and see what we can do to keep more money in your pocket.

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