About BDRE

When we created Bird Dog Real Estate (BDRE) in 2009, our goal was to create a firm that truly helped people with all of their real estate needs without any hard sells .   A real estate purchase or sale is the biggest monetary transaction in most people’s lives and occurs an average of 1 to 5 times in their lifetime.  People need guidance with these decisions and BDRE is there for you every step of the way with the highest levels of service and  the lowest costs around.    We at BDRE truly believe every side of a deal needs representation so we put into place the practice of single agency.  Single Agency is when only one side of the deal is represented (never both sides).  If a Seller hires us to sell their property, we will only work for the Seller on that deal and do everything we can to get that property sold for the Seller at the highest price possible.  If we are working with a Buyer we represent the Buyer only and look out for the Buyers best interests, not the Sellers.  Some (if not most) brokerages want to work both sides of the deal as it increases the commission dollars going into their pockets — not yours.  When I purchased my home in 1999 (prior to being in Real Estate )I thought that my agent worked for me only, but I later found out that they worked for the Seller and everything I had let them know along the way was going right back to the Seller.  It does not make negotiating easy when the other side knows every move you are going to make and why.  That is why the first thing we put into place when starting the company was the practice of only representing ONE side of a deal.  In today’s market our job is to get you everything you need to make an informed decision (either the buy side or sell side) and to help you through the process with guidance and service every step of the way.  This is the way we do business at Bird Dog Real Estate with the focus on you not us, and we  thank you for choosing Bird Dog Real Estate for all of your real estate needs.

Another thing you might be wondering about is the where the name Bird Dog Real Estate came from?

 A bird dog is a high performance hunting dog, which are highly energetic, and love to please, and are capable and willing to work long and hard for their owners. That is why we choose the name for our firm, because that is what we do for our Clients. For buyers we are relentless in the pursuit of a Home that meets the needs of our client for the right price. For Sellers we work tirelessly to market, show and sell their home to a Buyer that is willing, able and ready to purchase. Buying or selling real estate can be quite the chore and it can be very frustrating for people who are not use to doing it. We at Bird Dog Real Estate are doing it every day and that experience helps to make your transaction go a lot smoother. You will feel much more confident with the Bird Dog by your side. So please feel free to put the Bird Dog to work for you.