Another property SOLD by Bird Dog Real Estate.

352 West Main Street


Bird Dog RE had this single family home under agreement in under three weeks and SOLD for $262,000.  Price it right from the start and get it sold for the most – along with our great marketing package!

With Bird Dog’s lower commission rate, we saved the Seller $4585.00 off of the commission rates she was being offered by other Broker’s.  This $4585.00 stays in my Seller’s pocket and not ours.  A great savings all Seller’s should take advantage of in this market.  We also offer other extras as part of our marketing package that other Broker’s charge for: professional photos on us as well as smoke/CO certificates.  Call on Bird Dog for exceptional levels of service and quality at the lowest prices around.

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2014 Rebates

In 2014 alone, we at Bird Dog paid out $40,395 to our clients through our BDRE Buyer Rebate Program. With this, we pay 30% of our commission to our buyers when they use Bird Dog as there Buyers Agent. It’s that simple! No catches, no contracts…just money in your pocket! Home buyers do so much on their own these days that we feel that they deserve to be rewarded for all their hard work once there home is closed on. Summer is in full swing and it is the perfect time to start looking at homes. There are so many beautiful homes on the market to be seen…and purchased!  Take a look at the photos below for some ideas of what our clients have used their rebate for. The possibilities are endless!

rebate3 rebatepic1 rebatepic2 rebatepic4 rebatepic5 rebatepic6 rebatepic7

Repairing a set of stairs:

When out in the field with Clients we get questions on all types of repairs or replacement of items on properties.  We find that the clients need an idea of what an item may cost to repair or to replace before submitting an offer or for a Seller wanting to fix the home up before putting it on the market. So as the readers of this Blog know we try and give our clients a good ball park figure of what certain repairs or total replacement may cost so they can make a better decision of what they want to do.   We find that most clients over estimate what a repair may cost and we wanted to use this blog to try and help with that.

Today we take on the question of how much a set of brink/stone stairs may cost to repair and how they may look when done.


We have a big set of brick stairs at the front of our house that was in disrepair and we did not use this entrance at all so we did not worry about the condition of the stairs for the last 8 years.  We recently had our old Front energy inefficient doors replaced by South Shore Home Improvement (Please see future blog post)to Energy star rated entrance doors. So now that we use our front door the front stairs needed to be addressed quickly as someone was going to break a leg on them if we did nothing.  As it happens with home ownership one repair project sometimes leads to another in the never ending battle keeping your home running smoothly. Stairs are the gateway to your home and they should be in good repair to keep injuries and law suits away.  Home insurance companies check your stairs and roofs on their outside inspections all the time so keeping them in good repair is good idea.

On this project we went back to our Mason Joe Narbonne (Narbonne Masonry services: 857- 236-4043) to bring this set of stairs back to life.  Please see the before and after photos.  We still need to get railings put up but they are ordered and being manufactured as we speak and hope to be up soon.

Total cost of project:

Total cost of materials was $1113.37 we used TLC stone yard on Centre Street in Quincy for the granite treads and for the fascia bricks (Old English Pub). The granite treads that we needed to use to cover the stairs were 8’ X 12” and these ran $108.00 for each tread we needed six of them which turned out to be the lion’s share of the material expense.  My stairs are long and if you use the shorter treads the price will be lower of course.   Labor was $1000.00 for a total cost of $2113.37 to complete this repair.  I feel that it looks like a brand new set of stairs for half the cost.


Old Front stairs 1 Old Front stairs 2 Old Front stairs 3 Old Front stairs 4Fixed Stairs 2


Fixed Stairs 1Fixed Stairs 6Fixed Stairs 5Fixed Stairs 3


Merchant Review:Handy Dan’s handyman and carpentry services:

Merchant Review:

Handy Dan’s handyman and carpentry services:

Dan Keith – Owner



With spring around the corner (we hope) and as the snow piles recede we start to see the damage that this tough winter has left behind.  From broken pieces of siding, dinged shingles, bent gutters, ice damns damage, and so many other little to big things that need to be repaired ASAP.  While the good news is?  I have the man for you with Handy Dan.  Whether it be inside or outside your home Handy Dan’s services are great and reasonable.  I have used him for many jobs around the house and have always been quite pleased.  If this winter has left behind some damage to your Home or Condo please call Handy Dan you will be quite glad you did.  Dan specializes in small to medium jobs and is a great consultant on bigger projects you may have planned. In today’s market I find tough to find someone for those smaller to medium sized projects around the home and now we all have someone who will take care of these jobs for us.  Below are some photos of a bigger job Dan did transforming an old boxed in kitchen and dining room setup into a nice flowing open floor plan integrating the kitchen, dining and living rooms.

Old Kitchen setup

Old Kitchen setup

Old kitchen setup #2

Old kitchen setup #2

Dining Room and part of living room before remodel.

Dining Room and part of living room before remodel.





The gutted kitchen.

The gutted kitchen.

Door moved as part of the remodel.

Door moved as part of the remodel.

The finished remodeled Kitchen open floor plan.

The finished remodeled Kitchen open floor plan.

The finished remodeled Kitchen open floor plan second shot:

The finished remodeled Kitchen open floor plan second shot:


Thank you,


Winter project: Replacing old rubber washer machine hoses with Steel braided hose:

Winter project: Replacing old rubber washer machine hoses with Steel  braided hose:


Hose 2

Once again as we are trapped indoors due to the cold and snow there are always some good projects around the house to do while stuck inside?  Today we will tackle washer machine hot and cold water supply hoses and how to make them better and more secure for your home.  Failed washer machine hoses are some of the most common causes of water damage in homes and replacing the old rubber hose with stainless stain braided hose is a nice winter project that will protect your home and property all year.  The old rubber hoses that are on the majority of washer machines in homes are a hidden danger just waiting to disrupt and destroy your home if left unchecked.  If you live in a condominium or have your washer in the upper levels of your home then switching the old rubber hose for stainless steel braided cables is a must.   If in a condo why would you place yourself in a lawsuit position if you did not have enough insurance to repair units under you after your washer machine hose let go? This very simple and low cost job is a no brainer for every household but especially for those with Washer machines that are above the basement level. This simple project takes under ½ hour and will not cost you very much for the safety and peace of mind you will attain.    It is also a very good project for this winter weather we are having.


1st thing to do is shut of the water supply and then remove the old rubber hoses both hot and cold.  Then simply reattach the new steel braided hoses and run back to the water supply (Red is for Hot water and Blue is for cold water).  Tighten with a wench but don’t over tighten.  Turn on the water supply and check your new lines with no drips you are good to go and you have taken care of a major cause of water damage in homes across the country.


We found the new stainless steel lines at Home Depot with two lines (One for Hot and one for Cold) in a bag for $19.98.  You may be able to find even cheaper at Amazon.  The one thing to remember here is to take the old rubber hose with you so you will get the right length you need.  If you are a new home owner or are upgrading your washer machine make sure you ask for the steel braided cables to be installed when the machine is put in and you will not need to worry about this repair.

Hose 4Hose 3

Good luck and stay busy until the sun shines again and we can get outside and dig our teeth into some good outdoors projects.


Hose 5Hose 6

Randolph, MA Bank owned Condo grabbed at a great price!!!!!!!!!

140 Canton Road in Randolph: Bird Dog Real Estate 30% Buyer’s Rebate on this home was $1836.00

Another Bird Dog Real Estate buyer success.  With this Bank Owned Townhouse in this complex in Randolph.  We had looked at a few places for sale in this complex and actually placed offers on two units here but lost out on one unit in a highest and best situation and the other Seller would not go below the $219,000 price range.  So when I suggested we go look at a bank owned property in this complex my Buyer was not too excited.  The unit had been sitting on the market for quite a while and the buyer had very little expectations due to that reason. Once through the door we were quite pleasantly surprised as the unit was in pretty good shape.  It was in need of updating in some areas but overall it was a place that with a little elbow grease and some targeted upgrades she could add a lot of value.  We were able to purchase the Townhome for $204,000 which was a great price for this complex and my Buyer Client is very happy in her new Townhouse.  The Bird Dog Real Estate 30% Buyer’s Rebate on this home came in at $1836.00 and my Buyer put that right to work with upgrades to the flooring and counter tops that will help her increase her equity right away.  If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a home or condo please tell them about Bird Dog Real Estate and what we can and will do for them.  As a side note to this story a great place to search for bank owned and foreclosed homes is on under the custom searches tab at the top of the webpage.  There are not as many foreclosed or Bank owned homes out there as there were three years ago but some deals can still be found, and this is a good place to start.

Randolph Bank Owned condo

Shots of Bank Owned Condo.

140 Canton 3 140 Canton 4 140 Canton

Replacing old laminate flooring with new hardwood flooring.

Here is nice home renovation project from one of our Buyer clients that we helped close on a home in Holbrook, MA in June. The project was to change the 1st floor flooring from a tired older laminate floor to a hard wood floor a great value addition that will make the home more enjoyable now and in the future.


The Story:

When we purchased the home; the first floor living room, kitchen, and dining area was cheap laminate flooring that wasn’t installed properly and was an eye sore. We wanted to add value to our home but especially wanted to enjoy aesthetically pleasing floors!  So we decided on putting down real hardwood floors.


We used American Hardwood Floors in Quincy, Andy the owner was easy to work with and very accommodating with our schedule.


We knew we wanted dark floors, but to see the all of the options before us was overwhelming.   We were asked to pick our top 4 stain colors as Andy would custom make our samples so we could choose which stain we wanted in real life form.  That really made a big difference in helping us choose! We chose Jacobean #2750 (I’ll never forgot that).  We opted for a matte finish instead of glossy.

Andy and his team started the demolition of the existing floors and once they approached the kitchen they found an older linoleum floor under the laminate floor, so they had to demo two floors in the kitchen.  They also had to add another sub floor so the new flooring would go down better and more secure.  This was a surprise but Andy only charged us $200 more for the extra labor and supplies. One more surprise was the uncovering of an additional heating vent in the living room, Andy brought it up for us and even got a vent cover to match what we had on the others.


From the start of demo, floor installation, three coats of stain and two coats of poly; was only SIX short days until we could put our furniture in.


We get a ton of compliments on the color and to say we are pleased with the floors is an understatement!


Total cost of project:


Cost of installation of hardwood flooring and finishing was $3700

Cost of removal and disposal of old flooring was $200

Surprise cost of extra layer of floor in kitchen $200


Total cost of new 1st floor flooring was $4100.00

Bird Dog Real Estate’s 30% Buyer’s Rebate of $1777.50 brought our total cost down to $2322.50 for new hardwood floors in our whole 1st floor.  Thank you Bird Dog Real Estate, the rebate really helped us enjoy the home even more and increased our home’s value as well.


Changing to hardwood floors over laminate

Changing to hardwood floors over laminate

Carolyn new flooring 2 Carolyn new flooring 3 Carolyn new flooring 4 Carolyn new flooring 5 Carolyn new flooring 6

New Home project: Interior door upgrade:

Here is another little project that can change the style and look in your home and may help to increase the home’s value as well.  It definitely changed the look of our main floor for the better.


The project:

The project is to change out some older hollow core interior doors with solid core doors that have more design flair and that flow better with the age of the home.   Once again we were using our home as a test ground for this project to see how it would look and feel with new interior doors on our main living level.  We are so happy with how it came out that we need to do the 2nd floor now to make everything match.  As always with Home ownership the projects never stop, but they are fun to do.


The old doors we had where just a natural wood veneer hollow core door with a polyurethane finish.  The doors did not take the rough and tumble wear and tear of everyday life well and were very cheaply made and did not go with the age of the home at all.  I would guess they were put in in the 1970’s or so.   We did some research on different types of interior doors that we could use and found that the solid core door was the best fit for us in regards to design choices and the cost.   The doors we choose to go with are made by Jenn Weld and we have to get them custom measured before production.  There are a bunch of different styles to choose from and we choose a six paneled door that went well with the age of the home.  The doors come already primed and ready for paint and this was one of the main reasons we choose the solid core door over the solid wood doors.   In that they take paint really well without doing lots of priming and painting that the solid wood doors need.   The doors look great with just one coat of paint and we really like the durability and strength of the doors.   We ordered the doors from Home Depot and they even came out and measured the openings for the doors as part of the production price.  A big plus as my home is older and the frames have moved/settled over time so a lot better to have a professional measure the doors before they get produced.  It took four weeks for the doors to be made and delivered right to my door ($20.00 delivery fee but well worth it).  So we have the doors all painted and ready to go but who to put them up?  We were lucky enough to have Jason Getz of DWG Home improvement ( who was able to fit this smaller job in between some big jobs he had going on (We were on a sort of time crunch to get them installed) and they did an awesome job at a great price.


Breakdown of cost for this job:

New Doors custom made (4 Doors) – $416.58

Removing old doors and hardware – $0 – Did this part myself. Very easy demo.

Price to install the doors and all the hardware – $350.00


Total cost of project = $766.58



Older hollow core doors.

Older hollow core doors.


New hallway solid core doors.

New hallway solid core doors.

Old interior doors that will be replaced

Old interior doors all on one wall.

Hallway shot of new solid core doors.

Hallway shot of new solid core doors.

Hollow core Door removed

Hollow core Door removed


New solid core bedroom door.

New solid core bedroom door.

Up close shot of Solid core door

Up close shot of Solid core door


Once again if you have any projects that you feel are good value adds for the readers of the Bird Dog Real Estate Blog please send them in or reach out and we can work on getting it published on the blog to help the readers learn more about projects that can help increase either the style or value of their home.


Thank you again,


Bathroom quick fix and value add:

As frequent visitors to the website know, we love helping people find and close on a new home and helping others to sell their home for as much as possible.  We also like to highlight different projects around the home that will help increase your home’s value as well as your enjoyment.  My wife and I use our home as a test site for many of these projects but please feel free to send me any projects you have done that may be a help or information source for the visitors of Bird Dog Real Estate. We want a place to share ideas that may benefit others with their homes.  Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing your comments on every project we do.


Older bathroom in need of a fix.

The old vanity and tile floor.

Tired old flooring in bathroom in need of updating.

Older Tiled bathroom floor

Close up shot of older vanity and tile flooring.

Close up shot of older vanity and tile flooring.

This month’s project was to do a quick and smaller expense makeover to a full bath we have in our home.  The bathroom was always functional but not too aesthetically pleasing so a makeover was in order.  The biggest areas that seemed ready for a makeover were the vanity and the tile floor.  The vanity was basic home depot faux wood that was taking a beating from the girls when they were in the tub or shower. The tile floor was an awful cream color with a light colored grout that showed every speck of dirt even when scrubbed and bleached.   This bathroom is on the main floor and it gets a lot of traffic  during the spring and summer months.  We wanted to keep the budget below $1000.00 on this job and we were able to stay under budget.


The details:

1)      We found a lovely vanity at Lowes for $400.00 — it is was vessel sink vanity with some storage underneath and a nice design (with no closet or storage space in this bathroom, a vanity with some storage is a must).   It is a small bathroom so we were stuck using only 24 inch vanities and we felt this one was head and shoulders above the rest (please see photos below).  Total cost: $400.00

New Vanity to replace the ole one.

New Vanity that we picked up at Lowes.


Vanity front with up close tile shot

Vanity front with up close tile shot

2)      I did the gutting of the bathroom myself so there was no cost involved there and the toilet was a newer model that we were able to save. The total cost of the demolition was the mere cost of a new wax ring for the toilet and bolts — $10.00.  Total cost $410.00


New Bathroom tile.

New Bathroom tile to replace older light tiles.


3)      We went with a Home Depot brand tile that ran us around $248.00.  This time around we chose a darker tile and went with a dark grout as well. This tile is suppose to look like wood and it goes really well with the other flooring on the main floor and the style of the home we have.  The surrounding bathroom tub and tile are white so we could get away with a darker color on the floor as a nice accent color. Total cost $658.00


4)      One extra expense we did add was Hardy Backer Cement Board to go over the existing sub floor which was an older ply wood. The ply wood was still in good shape but the girls get a lot of water on the floor so we felt it best to add the board and put that down over the sub-floor.   The board was not that expensive and totaled $40.00.  Total Cost $698.00.


5)      I have done some tiling previously but I like things done by professionals.  Even though it is a very small bathroom, we brought in a tile expert to do the install and this was a $200.00 expense.  I would never have been able to do what he did with very tight grout lines and I was happy on how it came out.  To keep the cost down, we grouted the floor ourselves and this went great.  Total cost $898.00.


6)      I put the toilet back and secured it in place (very easy to do). I had to assemble the vanity, secure the granite top on with some epoxy and then put the plumbing back together. This took some time but at a minimal cost of $20.00 for some parts and the epoxy, our totally cost for the whole remodel was …. $918.00.  The bathroom looks like a new and we are very happy with how it came out.


Some other ideas that we may add to jazz up this bathroom some more are:

In the future, we may remove a strip of the white tile from around the shower area and add a glass or stone accent.  Otherwise, it feels like we have a brand bathroom for under $1000.00. This was a nice little project that adds value to the home moving forward and comfort and enjoyment while we live here.  Please feel free to comment in the section below or to send in your project ideas.  We really look forward to hearing from you.

New bathroom setup with new Vanity and tile floor.

New bathroom setup with new Vanity and tile floor.

Another Bird Dog Real Estate home SOLD! 2 Canton Road in Quincy:

Another Bird Dog Real Estate home SOLD!   This one was under agreement in two week’s time and closed a month later. With most Home buyer’s searching online these days for a home to purchase Bird Dog Real Estate believes in having EVERY one of our Listings professionally photographed.   We truly believe this is one of the reasons why we get so many homes sold in a quicker time frame than others.

2 Canton Road - SOLD


Some things Bird Dog Real Estate offers as part of our base package that help to get these homes sold quickly are:

  • All of our listings are professionally photographed and Bird Dog Real Estate pays for this. Your home needs to show great online where the Buyers are searching these days and having the home professionally photographer is mandatory in our opinion. Most Brokers will make you pay for this service but we don’t operate that way.  This home was professionally done by Amy Kelly Photography ( who does an AWESOME job with all of our listings. She shows the home the way it really is and Buyers who come to see our listings already have a good idea if this home is for them and are usually ready to make an offer. Great photos make a big difference.
2 Canton - Bathroom

2 Canton Road bathroom shot by Amy Kelly:

2 Canton - Kitchen 5

2 Canton Road Living room into Kitchen shot by Amy Kelly.


  • The Bird Dog Real Estate commission on this home was 3.50% instead of the 5% rate the Seller was quoted by a few other Broker’s and that saved our Seller $5250.00 in commission dollars that stayed in the Seller’s pocket for their future use not ours.

3.5% Home Seller's RatesBig Savings


  • At Bird Dog Real Estate service is paramount. We are there for our Clients in everything that they need.  If contractors need to get in and do repairs or if a contractor needs to be found we can and will do all of this for Clients.  We know your time is valuable and you hired us to make your home sale go smoothly and we are there for everything you need.


  • On every Home we SELL for our Clients we will take care of the Fire and Smoke required by State law before a home can be sold. We are there to meet the local Fire Department and to pay for the certificate and in most cases are ready to install a smoke or CO to make sure the home will pass the inspection and move on to the closing.  Most if not all Brokers leave this very important step up to the home owner but not Bird Dog Real Estate.


If you or someone you know may need their Home evaluated and or sold please have them speak with us at Bird Dog Real Estate you and they will be glad you did. Premier levels of service at the lowest cost to you, is the way to get you should get your Home SOLD every day.


Contact BDRE anytime.

Please feel free to contact us for any help you may need: