Using pre-finished hardwood on ceilings.

Porch ProjectWith this blog we wanted to do more than simply talk about homes sales and purchases. We are going to be rolling out a new feature which is ‘Home Improvement Projects That Can Help Increase Your Home’s Value’ and maybe give you some fun ideas for projects in your own home.  We will also be meeting with different trade’s people to assist in writing articles about home projects and the costs associated with them.  We are hoping these articles will be a good resource for our clients for projects they may want to do and give them an idea of the cost before they start them.

Project #1: Installing a new ceiling on a side porch or farmer’s porch using pre-finished hardwood instead of plaster, card board blocks or wooden bead board.




Target project:

We recently started using our side porch as a sitting area so we could enjoy the outside without the pesky bugs. As we sat out there, we could not stop looking at the old block ceiling made of a cardboard like material that had probably been up there for 30+ years.  Please see photo #1.  So, we decided to take a chance and see if there may be a wood ceiling underneath those blocks.  Over time, I have been in so many homes that have these wooden ceilings (typically one inch slats) on outdoor porches and we were hoping for the same.  This was not the case (Please see photo #2) and there was nothing more than strapping that the former owner had attached the cardboard blocks to.  We needed to come up with something to cover the now open ceiling.  The idea of using pre-finished hardwood on the ceiling instead of bead board or plaster popped into our head and there it remained.  Off to Lumber Liquidators we went.  At first, they thought we were crazy when we told them what we wanted to do, but we stuck to our guns.  We ended up going with an engineered hardwood (1/2” X 5” Colonial Birch Plank Hand scraped) with the 5” width planks to give it a different look rather than the smaller boards. The hand scraped gives the boards a look like they are original to the home.  The porch ceiling measured 80 Square feet and including cuts and extras we need two boxes — for a total cost of $313.08.


Now that we had the materials, we needed someone to install it.  Our usual floor contractors were not keen on doing ceiling work and gave us some higher prices that we were not comfortable with.  Now the hunt was on and we stumbled upon Quang Hardwood Floors (617-818-1421) while searching online.  Quang had 31 great reviews and he deserved every one of them. He did excellent work in a very timely fashion and kept in touch with us the entire time making sure we got exactly what we wanted.  His cost for installation was $500.00 and we also had to purchase 3 sheets of ¾ inch plywood for the “sub ceiling” to attach the wood to. The plywood carried an additional cost of $150.00.   The final cost of this project including all materials and labor/installation was $963.08.  I am sure this project can be done by DYIers but we thought it best to hire it out.  Check out the how it looks in photos #3,#4 and #5.  With pre-finished wood you can choose from many different colors, board sizes and textures.  The porch area is bright, so we went with a darker wood but if you had a darker area a lighter colored wood would look great as well.  With so many options out there, we feel this can be a great design project for those with porches or it can even be done in rooms.  Keep an eye out for more BDRE projects and value tips coming soon.

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73 Country Club Circle in Pembroke.

Country Club - Pembroke


BDRE worked with Jami and Jay to find this great Pembroke home after searching in Hanover, Plymouth, and Scituate over the last few months.  This home was under agreement and fell through due to Buyer financing and we were there to pick it up quick before anyone else could.  When the right home shows itself, sometimes you have to pounce before anyone else has a chance to get it under contract.    Congratulations Jami and Jay I hope you will enjoy your new home for years to come.  It was a pleasure working with you.

BDRE 30% Buyer’s Rebate update: The BDRE 30% Buyer’s rebate for $3300.00 was dropped off today and I am sure it will come in handy filling that home up with Furniture as the home does not need any real updating.  We know all the work our Buyer’s do researching areas and homes and we are glad to be giving our Clients back money that will let them do what they want as they move in.  A real nice house warming gift we offer all of our Buyer Clients.   Thanks to all of you out there letting everyone know about our awesome service and the 30% Buyer’s Rebate we offer to all Buyer’s.

16 Willow Street Review.


We are very happy to have met Jim Mulvey when we began our search for a home. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot to learn about the whole process. We had a long list of questions. Jim guided us with patience and encouragement, and he offered us as much input as we requested. He explained the whole home-buying process, discussed market values, and evaluated the quality of the properties which interested us. He showed us properties in the whole Boston region. When we showed interest in a certain property, Jim sent us an analysis of the property value. He also the negotiated the offer on our behalf. Jim responded to our preferences and time schedule. He was resourceful, flexible, easy to communicate with, and he let us make our own decisions. In response to our needs, Jim recommended professionals that were involved in the process. We are very grateful to him for the work he did for us.
Thank you for all of the help you gave us.
We are happy here in ‘the hood.’

Kate and Dan

SOLD!!!!!! 2 Viden Road in Quincy for $475,000

On this home purchase we ended up back in Quincy after starting here and then moving on to Newton, Arlington, Somerville and Waltham.  We even had a home under contract in Waltham but the home inspection revealed nothing more than a money pit! This is a great home on Viden Road that seems like a brand new home. It was a pleasure working with you, Dave & Jolin and Congratulations on the new home!

Quick update: The BDRE 30% Buyer’s rebate for $2850.00 was dropped off today with one more rebate to go out this year on December 29, 2012.  BDRE has already broken its rebate record of 2011 with over $25,000 in rebates going back to our Buyers this year! A big thanks goes out to all of you for spreading the word about our superior service and our 30% Buyers Rebate.  If you are looking to buy a home, the only place to go is Bird Dog Real Estate!!!!!!!2VIDENroadQuincy

SOLD!!!!!! 55 Blue Hill River Road in Milton for $435,000

BDRE worked with these Buyers to find this home that has great bones and just needs TLC to really shine.  Regardless of price, lots of value can be added  to any home with the right updates. The location is amazing — right in the Blue Hills with a very secluded feel to it.  With this location, you not only get the great commute into the city, but also the nice quite neighborhood feel that you desire.We really bounced from town to town in this home search before ending up back to right where they wanted to be.  Congratulations Iris and Bernard I hope you will enjoy making your new house a home.  It was a pleasure working with you and you truly made a great purchase in this home!

Quick update: The BDRE 30% Buyer’s rebate for $3262.50 was dropped off today. This was our biggest single rebate of 2012, although it will be broken in two weeks by a planned closing in Quincy.  BDRE has already broken its rebate record of 2011 with over $25,000 in rebates going back to our Buyers! A big thank you to all of you out there for spreading the word about our superior service and our 30% Buyers Rebate.  If you are looking to buy a home, the only place to go is Bird Dog Real Estate!!!!!!!

30 Lafayette Ave in Weymouth – Sold for $255,000

BDRE helped this Buyer find the nice updated home that she was looking for in a very tight time frame AND get it closed and her moved in by November 1st.  We saw around 26 homes in a quick 4 week time frame then came upon this home at number 27.  We really needed to keep the Sellers feet to the fire on this one as the home inspection revealed that they had lots of finishing touches that needed to be done before the Closing.  We made sure that checklist/punch list was built into the P&S to ensure everything was completed on time.  Congratulations Aurora!!  It was a pleasure working with you and I truly hope you will enjoy your new home for years to come.

Quick update: The BDRE 30% Buyer’s rebate for $1530.00 was dropped off today. This should help with some new furniture purchases to fill the extra space in her new home.  BDRE has already broken its rebate record set last year and we still have many more closings to come before year end.  Thanks to all of you out there for spreading the word about our exceptional service and the 30% Buyer’s Rebate we offer to ALL of our Buyer’s.  If you are looking to buy a home the only place to go is Bird Dog Real Estate!!!!!!!

54 Botolph Street in Quincy – Sold for $380,000

A great two family in North Quincy that we had under contract in 8 days on May 26,2012. Financing for the Buyer took 3 bank rejections and finally on the 4th he found a lender that would lend him the money(50% down payment).   Thanks to Jeanne and Elaine for your patience through this whole process and seeing this sale through to the end.  It was stressful but we kept it together and got the sale done at above the listing price.  Congratulations.

Welcome to the New BDRE website.

I am glad to finally announce our new Bird Dog Real Estate website is up and running at the same address at – The new site has great new home search features that will allow you to search for all types of properties all over Massachusetts.  As well as certain locked in searches such as new to the market homes that will only show the newest listings in those Cities and Towns of your choosing.  There is now a map service that will map these searched for homes and you can tell at a glance where they are located within that City or Town.  We still have lots of information on there as well and we will be adding more as we move forward.  Another feature is the BDRE Blog which will have all types of information and stories on events in real estate in general and Bird Dog features.  Thank you so much for visiting and please tell your family, friends and associates about BDRE and what we can do for them.  Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you on the site and in the field.


Thank you,


966 Washington Street in Weymouth.

A great Town Home with 2 king sized master suites and a great layout all around.  An unfinished basement that the Buyer will use to add some more value to the home as he plans on finishing it up with a nice Man’s Cave down there.  Our search started out with smaller single family homes but we could not find anything that did not need lots of work and updating just to move in, so we shifted gears and started looking at Town Homes in Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree and Canton.  We found this Town Home early in the new search process but the Seller would not bend on price so we held our price limit and kept looking.  After seeing around 30 to 40 more homes over the next 4 weeks we found nothing that had all of this home’s features but we kept in touch with the Seller and finally in the 5th week the Seller decided to come down and take our offer.  Congratulations Mike on a great home I hope you have many great years there.  The BDRE Buyer’s rebate on this home was $1890.00.  If you are looking to buy a home and you are not using Bird Dog Real Estate you are really missing out.