Bird Dog Advantage

Why Bird Dog Real Estate?

We know the process of buying or selling a home is very stressful, and that people need a place to turn to where they have someone in their corner working and looking out for them. We are there for you with ideas, answers, and solutions throughout the whole process — whether it is on the buyer or seller side. Sometimes the answers may not be what you want to hear, but you will get it straight from us and you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Selecting the right real estate broker to represent and market your property is one of the most critical decisions in the entire selling process. The Bird Dog Real Estate team knows this and we are committed to those who choose us as we will only work for the seller on any property that we list (other agents will sometimes try and work both sides of a home when they can). This is very important to us, as we feel that whoever hires us to sell their home should have our total commitment. Please see our “Sellers” tab for more information on what we can do for you to help you market and sell your home. After speaking with us we are confident that you will want to put the Bird Dog to work for you in selling your home.

Why use Bird Dog Agents when Buying?

Did you know that many potential home buyers don’t know it is to their advantage to use a buyer’s agent to assist them in finding a home? They would rather spend endless time looking through the Sunday newspaper, scrolling through multiple websites or driving around for hours looking for homes. That can be very expensive — both with time and gas! The benefits of having a buyer’s agent are that you are fully represented (we work for you only), and it is free to you! A buyer’s agent is paid from the proceeds received by the listing agent in a transaction. The seller’s agent, called a list agent, will pay a commission to the firm that brings them the buyer.

As your buyer’s agent, I can go to any city or town you are interested in and show you any property currently on the market. As your buyer’s agent I will email you homes that fit your search criteria (please see “Buyers” tab for more information on this). Also when you use Bird Dog Real Estate as your Buyer’s Agent you will receive our 30% buyer’s rebate back to you when you buy a home (please see our “Rebate Page” for all the details on this rebate).

Please feel free to contact Bird Dog Real Estate for help with finding, researching, and purchasing your new home. The Bird Dog Real Estate team are here to help you find and purchase your new home not to sell you one.

Put the Bird Dog to work for you!