Buyers Home Search & Toolbox

So you have decided to search for a new home or your 1st home, well you have come to the right place!  We help Buyer’s find and close on homes all the time and we offer all Buyer’s who work with us a 30% Buyer’s rebate(please see Rebate page for more details).  At BDRE we have access to all the homes that are currently on the market, and we will schedule the showings on your time frame.  We have a great home search tool here at BRDE that you can use to search for homes and schedule showings.  We can also set you up directly in the MLS system and any home that meets your search criteria will be sent right to your e-mail.  Whatever ways work best for you.  Our motto is we don’t care if it takes seeing one home or a hundred homes as long as we help you find the right home at the right price. We look forward to working with you and please feel free to unleash the Bird Dog to start your home search in earnest.


Home Toolbox

Home search steps:

1st Step: Cities or Towns that you would like to live in: Your 1st step is to decide on where you would like to live.  With this 1st step you will choose the Cities and Towns that seem to be a good fit for you and your life style.  If you change your mind as your search progresses we can change the cities and towns to meet your new criteria.

2nd Step: Price. This step is really enhanced if you have met with a Lender and have a pre-approval in hand. As a buyer, a pre-approval for your mortgage will give you a good idea of the price range in which you should be looking for a home. The worst thing that can happen is that you find a house that you really like only to find out that you can’t qualify for the financing to buy it. Also, in this market a pre-approval letter is required for most submitted offers, as the Seller wants to make sure you can really purchase the property before accepting your offer.

3rd Step: What do you want in your new Home: This is where we will choose the # of bedrooms, baths, size of living area, yard, etc…… (Your wish list). The tighter and the more parameters you have the fewer homes that will appear on the search, but they may be the exact home you were looking for. These parameters can change as the search progresses, and you can really fine tune the search to your wants and needs as we get out there and start seeing homes.  One of the better features of using an MLS search setup is that the homes that match your search parameters are e-mailed directly to you, so you won’t miss any home that fits your criteria. Also any place that has a price change and now falls into your price range with your other search criteria will be e-mailed right to you.

4th Step: Showings. You start to pick homes that you would like to see, and I will setup the visits on the day and times that work best for you. You will always have a Bird Dog agent with you, and we will go through each home and see if it looks as good as the description and photos that you saw.  If not we move on to the next home until we find the right one.

5th Step: Submitting an offer. You found the home that is the right fit. We will run through all the pricing options using the most current sales stats and numbers and come up with a pricing plan that will work for you, and we will submit a competitive offer.  Please see our offer section on a more detailed breakdown of the whole offer process.

This is a quick breakdown of the steps of starting your home search, and it is only a starting point. As we get out there and start looking at Homes, Condos, or Multi-Families your search parameters may change and what you are looking for in a home may be entirely different that what you 1st thought. But don’t worry as things change the Bird Dog will adapt the search to fit your new needs and wants and we will find you the right Home at the right price. Always remember the Bird Dog is NOT here to sell you a home but to help you find the right home for the right price.  We look forward to working with you.  Please use the other tools in the tool box to help you with each part of the home buying process.