BDRE Benefits

In today’ market we feel that Home Buyer’s are best served when they choose to work with a Buyer’s Agent instead of working through the listing Agent aka Seller’s Agent. The listing Agent works for the Seller and everything you tell them will go right back to the Seller. Buyers don’t understand that they are giving away their negotiating position and pricing strategies right away to the other side.

1) We feel that everyone should have someone who is representing them. At Bird Dog Real Estate we specialize in helping Buyer’s find and close on a home. The Agent on the sign that you call and the agent at the open house ALL WORK FOR THE SELLER and anything you tell them goes right back to the Seller. A BDRE Buyer’s Agent works for and with you to help give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on every step of the Home Buying process.

2) Save your valuable time with multiple showings in a time frame that works for you instead of driving around hoping to come across an open house that might be the right home for you. A BDRE Buyer’s agent can set you up with home searches that drop any Homes that may be a right fit for you right to your inbox for your review. After your review you can choose the best Homes and the BDRE Buyer’s agent will arrange to see those all in your time frame. A great time saver in today’s market that will also make you a better Home buyer as the more homes you see the better you will become at recognizing home values.

3) How much should you pay for that home? Why not have someone who is going to show you what similar homes have sold for recently and what the area is like with inventory levels (More homes that match what you are looking for that are still on the market will push prices down). At Bird Dog Real Estate we do not push homes on you we will give you the comps and tell you what we think but we will put the offer in where you want and fight to get you that home at the right price for you. If not we will help you find a better place at the right price. We don’t care if it takes seeing 1 home or 1000 homes as long as we find the right place for you at the right price.

4) When you finally get an accepted offer what to do next? A BDRE buyer’s agent is with you through the whole process right to the closing. So why not have someone to be with you through the Home inspection and mortgage process letting you know what to do and when to do it by therefore protecting your down payment monies and getting it back for you just in case something went wrong. Letting you know when to get the utilities turned over to your name and making sure the place is still in the right condition on the final walk through. There are so many reasons why working with a BDRE Buyer’s agent is the right way to purchase your new home.

5) After the close? This is where Bird Dog Real Estate will do something that you are not use to. After working with you to close on your new Home we will give you 30% of our commission back to you after the closing(We get paid from the Seller’s Broker and our services to you are 100% FREE). So for every $1000.00 of commission we receive we will give you back $300.00 so on a $300,000 home that would be ($300,000 X 2.5% = $7500.00 X 30% =$2250.00) that is $2250.00 back to you after the close. We know all the work you do researching homes and areas and we feel you deserve to get something back for all that hard work. Before you work with someone else or if you are working with someone right now ask them what they are going to be giving you back. They will say something like our service is so superior we don’t need to offer that, but in reality they need to kick back to their company and cannot afford to give you anything back. We do this every day for Buyers and are very comfortable with our expertise and the 30% rebate is great as it allows us to work with so many more Buyers than any other Broker out there.

A BDRE Buyer’s agent will be the best thing you decided to do in your home search/purchase and we look forward to hearing from you. Even if you are not totally ready yet to start your home search drop us a line with any questions you may have as we are here to help you. Also check us out at to learn more and to use our great home search tools FREE.