Commission Rate

Commission Rate

BDRE offers seller commission rates as low as 3.5%

There are so many good reasons for using Bird Dog Real Estate when selling your home, starting with our 3.5% commission rates. Most brokers look to charge you 4%, 5% and sometimes 6% selling rates. Not BDRE! We use a standard 3.5% rate that will keep more money in your pocket after closing.

In addition to our exceptional service & expertise, we also offer outstanding benefits to our sellers as well — this something other agents don’t do for you. When selling, BDRE can pay for:

  • Professional photographs of your home
  • Smoke/Co certificate for closing
  • Home professionally cleaned for first open house or closing, seller’s choice
  • Full internet, social media, and Facebook marketing package
  • Floor plans of home
  • Drone photos of home (where possible)

If BDRE finds the buyer directly, your rate automatically lowers to 3%, to save you even more money!

BDRE Commission Rate Explained

Here is a sample breakdown:

  • BDRE charges 3.5% of the net selling price of the property
  • Of that percentage, we offer 2% to the brokerage that represents the buyer
  • BDRE will only take 1.5% – we take less so you can keep more!

How can Bird Dog Real Estate offer this amazing deal? Combining our skills in Competitive Market Analysis with BDRE’s commission philosophy and our focus on client satisfaction.

The BDRE team is happy to explain this in more detail. Contact Bird Dog Real Estate.

BDRE Commission Philosophy

Selling real estate is an individual endeavor by the agent, not a big company game. It does not matter how many agents work at the large real estate agencies, it all comes down to the agent that you choose to work with — that agent’s skill, talent, and work ethic will sell your house.

There is a misconception that a large, chain-like agency will suit seller’s needs better just because they are bigger. Big agencies charge higher commissions because there is more overhead and fees. BDRE agents do not have to pay these fees to the broker, therefore they do not need to charge you a larger commission.

Real estate agents work on commission and are only paid when the transaction closes — and this is how Bird Dog Real Estate operates. We only get paid if we succeed in finding a willing and able buyer who can close on your home. If we do not perform, we don’t get paid. This allows us to offer lower commission rates to our clients and, therefore, allows our clients to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Put the Bird Dog to work for you!