Tips for Home Sellers

  • Try and be out of the Home when buyers are there to see it. Lots of buyers don’t feel comfortable when the seller is hanging around, and it may hinder the sale.

  • Try and keep the home in a clean and not cluttered appearance as this helps buyers see the home in its ideal condition.

  • Good 1st impressions, feelings and emotion control the sale. For this reason you want to ensure that your home makes a good 1st impression with the buyers.

  • Once buyers receive a first impression they soon figure out whether or not the home is the one they want. That first impression can be the beginning of a sales success for you.

  • If you have more than one buyer interested in your property a tactic you can use is to give them all a highest and best date and time to submit an offer. This gives everyone a fair chance at making a good offer, and sometimes it will help to get a price closer to your list price if not better.

  • When your property is being shown make sure to keep all valuables locked up and stored away to prevent any theft.

  • Always look at all aspects of every offer (Price, buyer, timing, financing, etc….) as some offers may be stronger than just price

  • Remember that you need to have a fire and smoke certificate to close on a deal and that the local fire department will come by before the closing date to check out the home and either pass or fail the home. The home must pass for the closing to take place. You can call the local fire department for the details of what is needed to pass or ask the Bird dog to take care of it. Costs vary from town to town.


Helpful Home Buyer tips.