Randolph, MA Bank owned Condo grabbed at a great price!!!!!!!!!

140 Canton Road in Randolph: Bird Dog Real Estate 30% Buyer’s Rebate on this home was $1836.00

Another Bird Dog Real Estate buyer success.  With this Bank Owned Townhouse in this complex in Randolph.  We had looked at a few places for sale in this complex and actually placed offers on two units here but lost out on one unit in a highest and best situation and the other Seller would not go below the $219,000 price range.  So when I suggested we go look at a bank owned property in this complex my Buyer was not too excited.  The unit had been sitting on the market for quite a while and the buyer had very little expectations due to that reason. Once through the door we were quite pleasantly surprised as the unit was in pretty good shape.  It was in need of updating in some areas but overall it was a place that with a little elbow grease and some targeted upgrades she could add a lot of value.  We were able to purchase the Townhome for $204,000 which was a great price for this complex and my Buyer Client is very happy in her new Townhouse.  The Bird Dog Real Estate 30% Buyer’s Rebate on this home came in at $1836.00 and my Buyer put that right to work with upgrades to the flooring and counter tops that will help her increase her equity right away.  If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a home or condo please tell them about Bird Dog Real Estate and what we can and will do for them.  As a side note to this story a great place to search for bank owned and foreclosed homes is on www.bdrehomes.com under the custom searches tab at the top of the webpage.  There are not as many foreclosed or Bank owned homes out there as there were three years ago but some deals can still be found, and this is a good place to start.

Randolph Bank Owned condo

Shots of Bank Owned Condo.

140 Canton 3 140 Canton 4 140 Canton

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