Replacing old laminate flooring with new hardwood flooring.

Here is nice home renovation project from one of our Buyer clients that we helped close on a home in Holbrook, MA in June. The project was to change the 1st floor flooring from a tired older laminate floor to a hard wood floor a great value addition that will make the home more enjoyable now and in the future.


The Story:

When we purchased the home; the first floor living room, kitchen, and dining area was cheap laminate flooring that wasn’t installed properly and was an eye sore. We wanted to add value to our home but especially wanted to enjoy aesthetically pleasing floors!  So we decided on putting down real hardwood floors.


We used American Hardwood Floors in Quincy, Andy the owner was easy to work with and very accommodating with our schedule.


We knew we wanted dark floors, but to see the all of the options before us was overwhelming.   We were asked to pick our top 4 stain colors as Andy would custom make our samples so we could choose which stain we wanted in real life form.  That really made a big difference in helping us choose! We chose Jacobean #2750 (I’ll never forgot that).  We opted for a matte finish instead of glossy.

Andy and his team started the demolition of the existing floors and once they approached the kitchen they found an older linoleum floor under the laminate floor, so they had to demo two floors in the kitchen.  They also had to add another sub floor so the new flooring would go down better and more secure.  This was a surprise but Andy only charged us $200 more for the extra labor and supplies. One more surprise was the uncovering of an additional heating vent in the living room, Andy brought it up for us and even got a vent cover to match what we had on the others.


From the start of demo, floor installation, three coats of stain and two coats of poly; was only SIX short days until we could put our furniture in.


We get a ton of compliments on the color and to say we are pleased with the floors is an understatement!


Total cost of project:


Cost of installation of hardwood flooring and finishing was $3700

Cost of removal and disposal of old flooring was $200

Surprise cost of extra layer of floor in kitchen $200


Total cost of new 1st floor flooring was $4100.00

Bird Dog Real Estate’s 30% Buyer’s Rebate of $1777.50 brought our total cost down to $2322.50 for new hardwood floors in our whole 1st floor.  Thank you Bird Dog Real Estate, the rebate really helped us enjoy the home even more and increased our home’s value as well.


Changing to hardwood floors over laminate

Changing to hardwood floors over laminate

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