Seller Commission Rates of 3.5% – keep more money in your pocket!


Looking to sell your Home?

In this market why pay more?

Sell for 3.50%

Keep more money in your pocket.

There are so many good reasons for using Bird Dog Real Estate when selling your home, starting with our 3.50% commission rates. Most Broker’s look to charge you 4%, 5% and sometimes  6% selling rates but we use a standard 3.50% rate that will keep more money in your pocket after closing. On top of our top notch service we also offer these benefits as well:

  • Home professionally photographed paid for by Bird Dog Real Estate.

  • Smoke/Co certificate paid for by Bird Dog Real Estate.

  • Home professionally cleaned for 1st open house paid for by Bird Dog Real Estate. Seller’s choice here as some Seller’s choose to have it done after move out.  Whatever works best for you?

  • Full internet marketing package for every home we list.

  • Bird Dog Real Estate paid for Facebook post to draw more Buyer’s and buzz.

  • Guidance and service from beginning to closing.

  • If we happen to find the Buyer directly rate gets lowered to 3.00% to save you even more money. 

The Bird Dog Selling Process:

At BDRE we believe in pricing homes correctly right from the start of the process.  Your best chance to sell your home at the highest and best price is when it is brand new to the market.  As that is when most Buyer’s are going to be going through it and it is still a brand new shiny object in the Buyer’s minds and the market itself.  As a home stays on the market Buyer’s tend to think something may be wrong with it and may not come to see it, or if they do like it they will send in lower offers thinking they are the only ones interested in the home.

The best strategy when selling your home is to price it correctly from the start and create that environment where Buyers feel they need to compete against each other if they are going to be the one who will get to buy your home.  We want a very competitive market for your home and the easiest way to do that is through pricing.  That is the environment you want to create to sell your home quickly.  When the home is under contract quickly it also lessens the stress of showings happening at all different times for months on end and having to keep the home in showing condition at all times.  Price it right from the start and get it under contract is the way we do it at BDRE.  Low rates and high quality service is the Bird Dog Real Estate way…..We look forward to hearing from you.