BDRE Commission Policy

Selling Real estate is an individual’s game not a big company game.  It does not matter how many agents work at a firm it all comes down to the individual agent’s skill and their talent at getting homes sold.  Never believe the hype that a big firm will suit your needs better just because they are bigger than another firm as it is just not the case.   Real estate agents work on commission, and are paid only when the transaction closes, and that is how Bird Dog Real Estate operates.  We only get paid if we succeed in finding a willing and able Buyer who can close on your home.  If we don’t perform we don’t get paid.  Due to our pricing philosophy we are able to offer lower commission rates to our Seller clients that allow them to keep more of their hard earned capital in their pockets.

Our commission policy:

Bird Dog Real Estate’s pricing policy is that we charge 3.50% of the net selling price of the property.  Of that percentage we are offering 2% to the Brokerage that brings us the Buyer.  Bird Dog Real Estate will only take 1.50%.  We take less so you can keep more.  We can offer this due to the fact that our pricing philosophy allows us to work with so many more Seller’s as the homes we represent are sold and off the market quickly and we can work with more clients.  Another thing you will find that Bird Dog Real Estate does is that we will ONLY work for you.   We will never try and get both sides of the deal.  You hired us so we work for you only. Some Brokerages want both sides of the deal to earn more money, but we don’t practice real estate this way.  We feel that you hired us and we should work for you only.  So if a negotiation issue came up we are there for you with answers and suggestions that will work for you.  We are NOT some disinterested party just looking to get the deal done and get the check.  We believe in Single Agency which is where both the Buyer and the Seller are represented by their own Broker/Agent and have someone to confide in and discuss their issues in complete confidentiality.  This is how we do business and we are very satisfied by it and so are our Clients.


Commission example:

The home sells for $325,000 X 3.50% = $11,375.00 is paid to Bird Dog Real Estate as the total commission the Seller pays.  Out of this total commission Bird Dog Real Estate will pay the Buyer’s Broker $6500.00  This keeps more money in your pocket after closing to do with as you want to.

Cash in your pocket